Hotel Policies

Hotel Policies

October 11, 2021 2023-03-24 10:02


Cancellation policies are determined according to season:

  • High, Medium and Low Season: The cancellation period without penalty is 08 days or more in advance, if the cancellation is made less than 08 days in advance, a penalty will be charged for the first night plus taxes. *Cancellations made on the day of arrival: The entire reservation plus taxes will be charged.
  • Peak Season: The cancellation period without penalty is 15 days prior to the arrival date, if the cancellation is made less than 15 days prior to the arrival date, 100% of the reservation plus taxes will be charged.


If the client wishes to make any modification related to dates, it is subject to the price according to the season and availability.

*Cancelled or adjusted bookings will receive a credit with the hotel, valid for use for a period of 6 months from the original date of the stay.


  • A full charge will be applied to “No-shows”
  • A full charge will apply to short or incomplete accommodations.
  • Cancellation policy is not valid for special non-refundable promotions.


The silence schedule is from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. at this time the use of the pool and any type of noise is absolutely prohibited, out of respect for all hotel guests.

The administration of Lomas del Caribe will make a first call for attention to the occupants who fail to comply with this clause. If at the second wake-up call the guests continue with the noise, the establishment is in the power to call the police and carry out the eviction of the guest, without this generating responsibility for the administration.


According to the General Law of Tobacco Control and its harmful effects on health, number 9028, it is totally forbidden to smoke inside the villas. In case of disregard of this clause, the administration of Lomas del Caribe will collect a fine equivalent to $300 USD.


Parking is exclusive to guests of Lomas del Caribe. Vehicles must be parked only in designated areas. The establishment will not be responsible for damage to vehicles caused by third parties.


The hotel is registered in internationally recognized environmental certifications, so we cordially request you to collaborate with turning off electronic devices in disuse and close the faucets that you do not need in order to minimize the impact on the environment. You must select, valorize and recycle any waste object that is discarded inside the apartment, so you must use the corresponding container located at the entrance of each building and common areas, corresponding to each type of solid waste. The hotel is located in the middle of a private property with an ecological vision so there is direct and indirect contact with the climate, flora and fauna of the area, so that the tourist assumes full responsibility for the risks that these elements can generate, therefore, in case of a possible accident or accident, caused by the conditions described above, the hotel is not responsible for damages that may occur.

In Terrazas del Caribe we are committed to the environment, that is why we are against the use of gunpowder or any explosive that generates a negative impact on the physical and emotional well-being of all animals in the area.

With respect to energy saving, we strive to encourage guests to contribute to savings by encouraging them to turn off air conditioners when they are not in use (for this reason they are not turned on when the apartments are delivered), turn off lights when they leave the hotel, among other specific but very useful actions to contribute to savings.

At the same time, we try to implement water saving measures by raising awareness among our guests through signs located in the apartments that give advice on how to conserve the resource and use it responsibly. We also clean every other day, which represents a considerable saving in the use of water and cleaning products. It is important to emphasize that all cleaning products used in the hotel are environmentally friendly and have the required certifications.

Finally, we support responsible driving since the South Caribbean area is immersed in protected forest or wilderness areas that are home to a considerable number of animals, which may suffer accidents due to reckless driving. We also state that the hotel is totally against the illegal hunting or possession of wild animals.

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